Fireside chats, Q&A, keynotes, high schools, and colleges. Rob speaks at all of these about the importance of personal finance, planning and organizing, decision making, and boosting your business by providing others first-class value. 

Every business that books RTM for their financial wellness programs have a keynote and a Q&A in the standard package at no extra cost. Communication is important and what is more important than that is dialogue, which is why Rob values Q&A so much. Everyone needs to be heard. 

Administrator at a College or High School? 

Your kids need to hear about what execution looks like in the marketplace. Students are graduating college with $30,000 in debt and they generally have no plan to pay off this debt. Wouldn't it be great if they knew how to avoid this debt before college? That is why it's important to educate students on the benefits of financial wellness before they enter college. Rob covers three main topics with all students: 

  1. Debt avoidance
  2. College planning
  3. Career execution

After a 45 minute discussion on these three topics, a Q&A will follow to allow students to voice their questions about their own life, goals, and dreams. Click here to book Rob or to ask more questions.


If you are planning any event surrounding the topics of business, innovation, social media, personal finance, or customer service, Rob would love to speak to help give your audience an advantage in the marketplace. Click here to book Rob or to ask more questions.