The Two-Party System in America is Killing Us

Politics and money are two things that are closely related and for some people, they are a little too closely related. Anyhow, I wanted to make a short post about how our two-party system here in America significantly impacts our economy.

In an open market, it’s always best to have more options if you are the consumer. If insurance companies were pitted against one another, I think you’d see healthcare rates drop, especially state to state, because companies would be more innovative in pricing as they are trying to compete for business within America. Politics are no different.

Right now, we have two main parties in America: Republican and Democrat. People think they have one of two choices and because of that, however bad those choices are, it’s all they are going to get.

If we treated politics like an open market, I think things would shift in a noticeable way. Instead of having 19 people running for one party (looking at your, republicans), what if there were multiple parties running (and getting noticed). You’d have more choices and more ideas flying about. You would still have your party system, primaries, and general election, but you are including more people in the process now and making them mainstream.

A third or fourth option would be welcome to many people I think, regardless of the election cycle. Our economy, while not necessarily declining, isn’t doing gangbusters right now. Wages have risen, but I think our overall status could be better. I think we need to work towards a balanced budget, cutting unnecessary federal departments, and start working on our national debt rather than adding to it. Who would be opposed to that? Problem is, not many people on the grand stage are talking about those things, even though they are demonstrably important.

Instead of bringing ideas together, there is so much hate and vitriol during an election period it turns people off altogether. People should be excited about exchanging political ideas, but instead we care more about dealing the finishing move to our opponents.

Some ideas work and some fail, but that doesn’t mean we should stop listening to the other side. All major political parties in America have had good ideas that have worked. What good is it if we just sit around and wait for the two primary options to deal us a good hand? Wouldn’t it be better if we fought for more options? Like the insurance companies, wouldn’t the other parties fight harder to innovate and fall more in-line with what the people of America actually wanted?

At the very least, it would make the parties more competitive and innovative. Would there be fraud and dishonesty? Probably, but in an open market you can snuff that out as a consumer. How nice would it be if you could do the same to a political party? With only two, it’s hard to do that. With more options, it gets easier and easier.

I’m not advocating for any political party in particular here, I am just saying that we need to rethink our methodology on politics and start demanding other options. Not sure of the other parties in play? Read up on them. I encourage you to think for yourself and make your own decisions based on what you feel is best for the next generation as it is not all about us. Don’t strap yourself in bondage to one party; you may miss several benefits of a better option.