Tony Robbins' Eye-Opening Video on America's National Debt

Should our national debt matter to us? Absolutely. It’s a demonstrable issue that politicians don’t seem to be overly concerned about.

In the first 200 years as a country, the United States created 2.2 trillion dollars in debt; our deficit is now nearly 20 trillion which has doubled from 10 trillion in the last eight years. We have a bit of a spending problem.

As Tony Robbins points out in the video linked below, people don’t have a concept of what “one trillion” is, so he breaks he compares millions, billions, and trillions as follows…

1 Million Seconds = 12 Days 

1 Billion Seconds = 32 Years

1 Trillion Seconds = 31,688 years

That’s pretty wild, right? The more we lose touch with our concept of money the less fired up we are going to be to try and solve the crisis. I appreciate Tony’s stance here and from one independent to another, thank you for the work.

*Note, for those watching, Tony’s data is from 2012 so apply accordingly. Unfortunately, things haven’t got much better for us as a country in four years.