Technology and Finance: A Good Match?

I love tech and have worked in the tech space for the last five years. As I research financial wellness companies and look at the competition, I notice something quite obvious: Everyone is moving to tech.

One organization in particular sought to pair robo-counseling with personal finance and had to raise tens of millions of dollars to float the idea. To date, the company still has not declared whether or not it is profitable. I love tech, but maybe the solution to a better personal finance system isn’t a platform that is driven by automation and cold relations.

Maybe, just maybe, the solution is the first word of the platform: Personal. I love working with people, learning their story, and how I can fit into their life to help them figure out the big financial issues. Sometimes all people need is a sounding board. Someone to take in their issues and provide a sound, external solution.

Plugging all of your data into an application and linking your bank accounts to a budgeting system is awesome, and sometimes people need to do that. However, those steps are not going to help people decide on how much to invest in retirement while working through their consumer debt. It won’t help them decide how much they can afford for their kids’ college, while also ensuring they are putting an adequate amount towards their retirement.

A computer isn’t a person. So why is a computer directly involved in these personal finance systems?

I don’t know everything when it comes to markets, finance, and investing. However, I do know that people can start making the right moves if they have a good foundation. That foundation, though, looks different for different people. That is where the personal aspect plays a huge role! If we can teach people the basics and build a firm foundation for them, they can turn around and teach other people. It turns one of me, into many.

As RTM Solutions grows, we will expand and use more tech, but our model for corporations, money sessions, and one-on-one talks will always be the same. They will always be personal and we will always help people through relationships, not through computer code.

I hope all of you reading this recognize the impact relationships have. In-person relations are fading fast for some due the anonymity of the online atmosphere and the desensitization brought about by the non-social lifestyle. Emphasizing the personal of personal finance can be the greatest thing we can do as we start our journey to financial liberty.

I want you to jump onboard but it is a decision you have to make. No gurus, no pushing. If you are not 100% in, it won’t work. You are your best advocate and your greatest motivator. I believe everyone can have access to great personal finance advice and receive the help they need without being sold and solicited to at every turn. I hope you believe that as well.

Thanks for following along, everyone.