Dave Ramsey

When Dave Ramsey Meets Mark Cuban

I am a fan of Dave Ramsey. I think he has something to say and moreover, I think he genuinely cares about people and how they handle money. He doesn’t treat people like a transaction and that is a valuable trait. I was on YouTube a while back and stumbled across a two-part interview he did on his show with Mark Cuban. If you are unfamiliar with Mark Cuban, he is a billionaire entrepreneur, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and co-host of ABC’s hit show Shark Tank.

The reason I dig this interview is because they talk a lot about how to start a business, what motivates people, and most importantly, how debt can ruin your dreams. I like Ramsey’s philosophy on debt because he rightly teaches that all debt equates to risk and Mark Cuban holds the same philosophy as he says things like: “If you start a business with debt, you’re a moron.” Very blunt indeed, but something I am definitely on board with.

Anyhow, give these videos a look, together they run just under 20 minutes! Well worth your time!