Why Shark Tank is so Successful

First premiering in August of 2009, ABC’s hit show Shark Tank has now topped over 100 million dollars in investments after eight seasons, rendering the critically acclaimed show a nation-wide phenomenon.

For those unfamiliar with the show, Shark Tank is an opportunity for entrepreneurs (or wantrepreneurs) to pitch their company, product, or idea to six of the nations leaders in the business world. The Sharks have an opportunity to compete with each other if they dig the investment, or, and this is also fun, they can talk about why the business is a poor idea and then “go out”.

Insert Kevin O’Leary’s classic line, “You’re dead to me” here.

It’s a great show that generates a lot of discussion among people, which is why I think it’s so successful.

If you watch something like Big Bang Theory, there’s not a lot of given discussion there because there isn’t much that is arguable. With Shark Tank, however, people can argue about business due to the fact that the “right thing” is often subjective.

“Was that a good deal?”

“Was that too much equity to give up?”

“Why are their sales so low?”

“They should stick to online retailing instead of in-store!”

These are all things people say while the show is on. Moreover, it has made sites like Twitter and Facebook explode while it airs because people live tweet about their opinions on the deals and so forth.

It’s a community show that deals with the American dream. It’s a perfect format. This show is educating people about business and getting them fired up to want to go on and become entrepreneurs themselves.

In a world of reality shows about who got the rose, or who got kicked out of the house, I am glad to see that there is a show that teaches people about business and demonstrates that the American dream is not dead.

Hats off to the show’s producers and all of the talent, it’s a great show that my family enjoys watching.

Do you like Shark Tank? Have a favorite pitch? Let us know in the comment sections and as always, thank you for following along!