Is Debt Reduction the Whole Ball Game? Not so fast...

There is no doubt that lowering your monthly liabilities and eliminating debt is critical to financial success. But is there something more important?

I think so.


You can't win if you're not organized. It's why so many pro athletes go broke after a few seasons remove and it's why 80% of lottery winners lose everything within two years. If you fail to organize, you'll fail altogether.

You can be plugging away on your debt but doing so demonstrably inefficiently, that you aren't making as big of an impact as you can. Further, you may be missing out on key retirement opportunities by delaying retirement until all of your debt is out.

Please don't think that I am advocating for debt, I'm not. Very few types have a place but all things need to have an order and aimlessly shooting debt is not the most effective strategy. Even using a debt snowball or a debt avalanche isn't effective if you don't have things organized up front.

You could have $39,000 in debt and be more organized than someone with $10,000 in debt and feel less stress because of it. It's all about control. It's the same reason I don't necessarily complain about credit card points if people pay them off. I know most people don't pay off credit cards, which is why Visa runs their company debt free (Ironic, right?) but if you have control, by all means. Most people don't, though.

Organization reigns supreme and doing that well will lead to faster debt demolition. Most people are wasting 10% of their net income on dumb stuff and don't realize it. Even in the tightest budgets I've found hundreds of dollars extra. People don't want to sacrifice and that hurts them in the long-term.

Organization my friends, it is what helps people win financially.