Move #9: Your Move

This is it. You have hit financial liberty.


I'm not saying you'll never need financial advice again, but let's look at the data. If you have made it to Move #9 you now have: 

  • A great understanding of your finances
  • A rock-solid budget
  • A nice emergency fund
  • No consumer debt & no mortgage debt
  • A handle on your retirement
  • A strategy for your kids' college

Most people dream of things like this, but they don't execute. You have. Now you're taking the reigns and drafting your own financial plan. What's your next Move? Outrageous generosity? A new business? Real estate investing? 

Whatever you do, just remember what it was like when you were in the struggle and what it's like now. Use that to avoid debt and remain wise when it comes to finance. 


You will still need guidance as you draft your own Moves. RTM will always be here to help you with that and along the way, if you have found some professionals that are aces, fantastic! Just always keep moving forward. This is a huge accomplishment that shouldn't be downplayed. You avoided keeping up with the Joneses and it paid off well. Take a trip to Hawaii or Europe. Pay someone's bill at Verizon for a year, whatever you want to do, do it! You have the money, intelligence, and wherewithal to execute. 


This is your Move. Once you've planned out your next steps, execute! RTM Solutions will always be around to help guide you.