Have you Heard of the Money and Power Podcast?

In April of 2018, Nathan Martin approached me about a new project. A joint venture, if you will, wherein three people sit down weekly to discuss current events, politics, and financial matters—from the perspective of people who work in those fields.  

So we started. 

Weekly, Nathan Martin, Jeremiah Martin, and I discuss the hottest of topics ranging from politics to finance and I’ll be honest, the topics get a little weird sometimes (see episode #8 - From the Bakery Window to the Chinese Wall) . Thus far we’ve had over 90,000 streams and just crossed 20 episodes.

There is no shortage of politically themed shows on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher Radio—but there is a shortage of shows that tackle things from an objective perspective that discuss the long-term implications of policy and financial decisions. That is our aim; to provide you with resources, education, and bits of information to chew on and consider. One of the biggest things we’ve done since the show has launched is a five-part leadership series written by Nathan, that I might add was executed masterfully. You can see the finished product in Episode #18


From the beginning Strike Force Energy, a veteran-owned company that seeks to upset the energy drink market, has backed us as a sponsor and they have a great product and offering to our listeners (20% using offer code MAP). 

Get Involved!  

There are a number of great ways to get involved with the show. You can send us a question or a voice memo to moneypowerpod@gmail.com; or you can hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter , or our new discussion group. The show is available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher Radio—pretty much every place that does podcasts! 

If you want to follow the hosts as well, you can do so on Twitter: 

Rob | Nathan | Jeremiah  


Thank you all for supporting the show. It’s been an incredible start and we are excited about what’s coming next!