Why Financial Consultants Keep Things Complex; The KISS Financial Method

The KISS acronym for marketing: Keep It Super Simple. Yes, I know, I have slightly revised it, if only to put an emphasis on the word simple.

People in our country do not do a great job with that, especially financial experts. Everything is so secretive, competitive, and seemingly everyone is tied to everyone via commission. It is really hard to know who to trust and how to get sound advice that is non-solicitous.

For that very reason, I started RTM Solutions, LLC. Which is a financial wellness company focused on partnering with companies to provide their associates with a financial plan that is customized for them and enables them to win with money. Everyone’s definition of success is different, so everyone’s financial plan should be different as well. We have paired fluidity with structure and built a great program that is applicable to everyone.

A simple approach to finances is something many people welcome. Day trading, market timing, and hedge funds are concepts that people working outside of the financial industry do not have the time to study up on. Moreover, statistics on those three financial solutions aren’t the greatest either, so we don’t even recommend them!

Point is, everyone needs a name and a company they can trust. This isn’t about complex investment modeling or elaborate budgets with 15 different accounts linked up, it’s about educating people on the subject of personal finance, establishing a budget, and aligning goals fit to each person.

We call it the 9 Moves program. The idea is 9 Moves to financial liberty. Each Move was developed with several different income levels and lifestyles in mind. That is why our savings goals, investment advice, and mortgage planning is all based on a sliding scale, customized to each person’s needs.

The data is overwhelming on how far behind people are with their finances:

  • 76% live paycheck to paycheck
  • 70% do not maintain a monthly budget
  • 62% do not have $1,000 saved for emergencies

If that is the case, why is everything centered on investing? What about planning and getting to a place where investing is finally tangible and makes sense? Where is the push for education, sound budgeting, and a good savings account that functions as a safety net?

That is why RTM Solutions is here. To provide people with sound advice about their finances. We have taken the KISS method, slightly modified, and applied it to financial advising. What’s more, nearly all of our individual plans are free, as are all of our initial consultations. In addition to that we want to work together with small businesses and corporations to boost their workforce and have less-stressed and more productive employees. Which is why our company plans are about 50% of the cost of a personal financial advisor. Sound advice shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, nor should it take advantage of people with low capital.

We are here to serve you, answer questions, and build a good model for the next generation to follow.

This is the RTM Solutions model and we are here to shake up the financial industry.