How I Flipped from an iPhone 6S to an iPhone 8 Plus...For Free!

Flipping from an iPhone 6S to an iPhone 8 Plus...For Free

Last week, I saw an ad on Facebook Marketplace for an iPad Pro. This was a real deal. 10.5”, 64GB cellular and it came with a SMART COVER and Apple Pencil. I had sold one just like it to a friend, on the cheap earlier that week.

See, if you hang with me, all my friends say you can get great used tech at a steal on account of me always flipping stuff, haha.

Anyhow, I paid like $300 for this. The guy was just giving it away. BAM sold it on Marketplace for $650. After fees and shipping, I made about $350 in profit. I put the original $300 back in my bank account and now I am playing on house money ($350).

Scouting Deals...

I found a cool pawn shop phone, it was an iPhone 6S for $180. Sold it the next day on the marketplace at $240 (+60, new total = $410).

So I then took that $335 and bought an iPhone 6S plus (rose gold) for $250 and sold it for $300 same day (+50 profit). If you’re keeping track, I am now at $460 profit (that house money).

My goal in all of this was to flip from a $180 pawn shop phone to an iPhone 8 Plus. I was close. Retail, an iPhone 8 Plus 64GB is about $749. On the used market, they go for $550 - $650.

I was close.

Close the Deal

I saw a listing on Marketplace for an unlocked, iPhone 8 Plus for $550. I asked the guy if he’d do $450 cash, same day. He said “Yes, that will work.” Bam!

This is critical: I always get the IMEI or device ID for smartphones and run them through Swappa’s IMEI checker and well as my services Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) check to make sure (1) there is no balance on the phone, (2) that it isn’t stolen, and (3) that it is unlocked.


Picked up the phone, it was mint condition and worth about $550. I paid $0 for it as I used profit from my prior flips to get it. It took a total of about 2.5 hours and I didn’t have to use eBay or Amazon this time around; generally if I use those apps, it will take longer and cost a little more due to PayPal fees, eBay, Amazon, and shipping fees. 

Oh yeah, and I had $10 left over for lunch. 

Your turn.