Celebrities Opinions: An Honest Look

Admittedly, this article has more to do with discourse than money, but I think those of you who listen to Rob Talks Money and Money & Power may find it helpful, hopefully anyway.  


As many of you know, I am an Independent when it comes to politics. I don't subscribe to a political party and I have a wide range of views that fall on both sides of the isle at times. With that said, I want to talk about an area of hypocrisy that I see in our political system that is damning to our discourse and impacts us on a social level. 

The real question.  

The question at hand is Does it matter what a celebrity thinks? 

Already I suspect many of you have a hard-and-fast opinion on this. I want to challenge you to set that aside and finish reading this article. 

See, opinions belong to people, and like many opinions we hold, they can either be soundly justified or paper-thin with regard to the content of information. Celebrities are the same way. You could have someone like Mayim Bialek (Big Bang Theory) who holds a PhD in neuroscience, or you could have someone like Jenny McCarthy who rants about vaccines yet has no level of expertise on the subject. 

Celebrities are just people with a platform. 

The problem we have is that sometimes we take a celebrities view and substitute their platform for knowledge. We think that because they are famous, they must know what they are talking about. This is problematic for a few reasons: 

1. Logically, it doesn't make any sense. If you have two celebs who are on opposing sides, it's not their platform you will turn to, it's their logic and justification. 

2. We assume that they people speaking have a wealth of knowledge when in actuality, sometimes people who advocate for a subject know very little about it. 

3. There are often people who make equal or even better points, but because they don’t have the platform they are marginalized—I am not talking about every person on socials, but I’ve seen where someone has 50% less followers than another person and because of that, their view isn’t as “valid”. 

Kanye, Beyoncé, and James Woods

On one of the earlier Money and Power shows we had a discussion on celebrity culture. My thought was how disappointing it was to see outlets like Fox News and The Daily Wire rail so hard against people caring about what celebrities think and then when someone like James Woods or Kanye West come out in favor of conservative ideals, they are the first to pump them up. 

PragerU did a video about why we shouldn’t care about what celebrities think, discussing Beyoncé primarily, and then once Kayne came out in favor of Trump, they pushed that content out faster than Bill Clinton buying tickets to an Ariana Grande concert. It’s an inconsistent nightmare and that is because we are interacting with the people rather than ideas. Because they are on the left, everything they have to say must suck. Or because they are on the right, they must be racist nazis (double talk?) who are looking to restrict every right a woman has. It’s madness. 

We can certainly use celebrities as a way to push ideals and engage with each other, but we can’t say their opinions don’t matter and then when it suits our team, use them for our message. It’s hypocritical. And you look dumb when you do it, noticeably.  

Taking time to think. 

We don’t put a lot of emphasis on thinking about things thoroughly. Absurd headlines, drive-by knowledge, and ad hominem arguments seem to fill up how we speak to one another. Luckily, this is largely an online phenomenon as most of the time, when I dialogue with people in person or on a podcast, the tactic changes. I’d encourage you to look past who is saying something and focus on what they are saying. Content over charisma, you could say. Think about that as you’re pumping up a celebrity’s opinion. 

Stay consistent, my friends.