250 Words on Why Your Employees Need a Financial Wellness Plan

Stress is an objectively bad thing that impacts not only the person displaying stress, it also impacts proximal relationships. Relationships in the workplace are vital to the success of the organization. However, financial stress is the leading cause of lost productivity at work.

The federal reserve found that an average of $5,000 per employee, per year is lost in productivity due to financial stress.

There are a lot of “solutions” in the marketplace for this, but many people want to solve this with more technology, more applications, and less person-to-person involvement. That is in stark contrast with a multitude of studies that show people learn and respond better to an actual person.

A robo-financial advisor cannot encourage, motivate, and navigate through someone’s difficult financial situation.

But we can.

I started RTM Solutions with the 9 Moves plan as the tool that helps people become organized, develop a strategy, and then execute. It’s through developing a relationship with employees and helping them obtain their financial goals that this plan is successful. And as a byproduct, their work goals will be prioritized, and they become more productive.  

This is a win-win for employers because they are helping their associates by providing them with financial wellness advice, while also helping their company boost productivity. Every company needs a financial wellness package.

The best thing about our 9 Moves program is that it is non-competitive, non-beholden, and we never sell your employees anything. We only help.

That is our promise to you.  


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