9 Moves: Your Path to Financial Liberty

Our 9 Moves program is designed to help people walk through their finances in a way that is simple, structured, while maintaining the fluidity that is needed in life. We understand that life doesn't always go according to script, so we have built a financial plan that you can change on the fly while remaining on pace. Are you ready?


In this Move, you will begin your path to financial liberty as you look at five different areas of your finances and write them out. 

In this Move, you will take the information from Move #1 and build it into a ROCK solid budget using a tool of your choice.

In this Move, you will start executing your plan. Your first goal? Save 5% of your net annual income for emergencies. Here's how.

In this Move, you will start to knock out your consumer debt. Debt kills our dreams so here you get to take ground back. Keep moving forward. 

In this Move, investing, retirement, or long-term planing are at hand. Whatever you call it, we've developed principles to help guide you. Long-term > Short-term.

In this Move, we look at the value of a safety net and just how big it should be. Stuff happens, but an emergency fund helps avoid big issues.

This this Move, you will start to look at who is coming next, make a plan, and change lives outside of your own. This is the core of the program.

In this Move, you will look at your mortgage and how to oust ASAP. We also look at home-buying and give some tips on how to knock out your debt faster. 

In this Move, well, it's up to you. 100% of the effort on this has been on you, so now you take the reigns. What comes next? Hawaii? Your call. Your Move.